Speak with Expert Pandit Ji & Astrologer in resolving your life issues & getting the best solutions that change your life positively.

You can get in touch with our experienced and renowned astrologers to seek their guidance. They can successfully pacify the unsettling issues and stressful moments of your life. You can rest assured about receiving the best quality astrology services online for the issues caused by unfavourable movements of planets and stars.

Our associated Pandits can offer consultations regarding Havan, Yagya, Shanti Vidhi, Shubh Vivah - Wedding Ceremony, Satyanarayan Katha, Griha Pravesh, Namkaran Sanskar, NavaGraha Shanti, Engagement, Festival Puja, Janeu, Ganesh Puja, Ram Katha, Mundan Sanskar, Shrimant Puja, Namkaran, Bhagwat Katha, Vastu Shanti, etc.

Apart from these, our Pandits offer certain services like:

Kundali Making- Kundli chart shows the planetary bodies positioned during an individual's birth. Pandits consider Janam kundali as a “must”. It aids them in understanding and explaining many events of a person's life.

According to Vedic Astrology, the Birth Chart is the blueprint for one's life. It provides insight into major milestones and the timeframe in which they would occur.

Knowing your Kundali can help you gain insight into your time and fortune. Timely and wise actions can reduce negative effects and make way for luck and prosperity in your life. An experienced Vedic astrologer will be able to decode the negative effects and their implications and will also be able to provide you with some solutions.

  • Marriage Matching- You can get answers to all the queries related to your marriage life. Our Pandits can help you to know the compatibility with your life partner. They can also assist you with the tips for a successful marriage.
  • Grah Pravesh- If you are thinking of Grah Pravesh, you can talk to our Pandits online. They can assist you with the pooja samagris, which are essential to perform the rituals for your house warming ceremony. You can also reach out to them for Vastu-related queries.

  • Money and Finance Consultations: Looking for financial solutions with finance astrology? Are you having trouble saving money? Are deferred increments impacting your future plans? Are you buried under financial debts or loans? Are you looking to improve your financial situation? Our Finance Astrology Experts can help you solve your money problems. You can now address your money problems and receive the best financial astrology predictions and solutions by calling us.

Why Should You Go For Our Services?

Pandits from our team have years of experience and are well-known for providing accurate predictions and consultations. Online consultation with our Pandits is possible without any hesitation. You will receive the best solution to your problem on the basis of your birth chart and stars.

Ask multiple questions, without any constraints
Book a session to receive live Astrology over the phone and chat with our Pandits online. During the conversation, you can ask any question you want, whether it's about your marriage or your job.

Privacy is guaranteed
We are sensitive to the privacy of our visitors and will do everything possible to protect it. You can talk to our Pandits over the phone and ask any question you want. Your details will be kept confidential.

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We have a team size of 10+ top Astrologers online who can help you with your queries and concerns.

Customer satisfaction

We are committed to providing you the best experience! If you come across any issue regarding our online astrology consultation or our live astrology on phone service, you can always reach out to us. We will respond to your queries on priority.

Online Puja and Anushthan Services are performed by our well-versed Pandits who follow the rituals defined in the ancient Vedas. Online Puja gives similar effects like the physical Puja. You can stay in touch through Skype for the Sankalp part of the Puja and can also ask for the DVD of the Puja.

Online Puja and Anushthan services help you in resolving many major problems in your life with the most appropriate Puja performed by most experienced Pandit Ji. You don't have to worry about finding a Pandit Ji, collecting the Puja samagri and taking out time for the Puja. You just have to provide your birth details and we will perform the Puja anushthan on your behalf. If you are interested to do physical Puja & Anushthan, we can do all arrangments also.

We are also arranging following spiritual  programs/events at your location:

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