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Smart Campus Solutions for Industries

Build connected and safer campuses with an array of smart IoT services.

Partnering with industries to deliver smart campus solutions with the highest performance, reliability and security to grow their business and improve productivity & efficiency.

Let us know your requirement : helps industries and local governments make their campuses smarter to foster better quality of life through sustainable economic growth. The solution covers:

  • Smart transportation: End-to-end transportation solution for vehicle tracking, dispatching, parking area management, and optimal fuel consumption.
  • Smart campus: Indoor navigation to find places of interest, optimal routes, and emergency exits.
  • Smart parking: Cost-effective parking solution using gateways and IoT to provide real-time information to the command center.
  • Smart waste management: Smart bins with automatic messaging for bin status and pickup.
  • Smart building management systems: Integrated solution for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) as well as lighting, access control, and surveillance.
  • Smart lighting: Centralized command center to manage city lights that enable scalability and real-time monitoring, control, and alerts.

  • Smart water: Water distribution and monitoring through IoT ecosystems and data analytics.
  • Smart energy management: Real-time monitoring of energy, assets, and systems using machine learning for preventive maintenance and energy saving.
  • Smart environment management: Monitoring pollution levels at points of interest.

Digitalization is primarily changing the way businesses operate and flourish. This digital era is driving companies to modernize their infrastructure to stay ahead of the game. These days business demands more from your IT infrastructure, and therefore we have a team of expert who is geared to future-proof your core applications and infrastructure.

Technologies are converging in the digital age and the incredible opportunities this creates are drool-worthy. At , we have a holistic and integrated approach towards core modernization to experience technological evolution to the next level, which will help in reimagining your IT infrastructure.


With’ Smart campus solution, enterprises can reap the following benefits:

  • Higher customer satisfaction: Provide reliable and efficient public amenities.
  • Minimized energy losses: Optimize energy, assets, and building management.
  • Controlled revenue losses: Plug leaks and minimize theft with smart metering.
  • Lower operating expenses: Reduce costs through automation.
  • Improved security: Detect threats early with video analytics-based surveillance.
  • Bolstered e-governance: Foster collaboration and integration across public agencies.


Innovate with our extensive experience, expertise, and strategic partnerships. brings the following differentiators to the table:

  • Proven experience in implementing and managing large programs globally across diverse industry verticals.
  • Flexible partner and system integrator providing innovative business models, work patterns, and methodology across the value chain.
  • Large pool of consultants with the global experience and technology skills to build, integrate, and deliver solutions on time and within budget.
  • Global network delivery model with unmatched processes and standards. Long-term partnerships with over 98% repeat business establishing certainty.
  • Research-led innovation by collaborating with leading universities to drive innovation in the field of utilities management.

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