We enable healthcare providers to stay connected with their patients & manage their practice online.We help patients to collaborate in their own healthcare and access their own health data.We put patient health data at the center of chronic care management.

We built a digital health platform to connect doctors and their patients

The platform supports the goal of continuous care for health by providing healthcare providers with a Virtual Practice that enables them to be securely accessible to their patients, through web and mobile services enabling online consultations and remote patient monitoring. The Virtual Practice also supports essential practice management functions and an online presence management for better patient engagement.

Your App + Your Brand + Your Patients

A white-label, Patient-Engagement, Telemedicine mobile app that helps grow your medical practice revenues and personalize patient care

With your app your patients can

Android/iOS Apps

We will launch your app in both Android and iOS platforms, considering all regulations and ensuring that it gets approved.

User Friendly Design

Our 'All-in-one app' user-friendly and responsive design will work on all devices such as mobiles, laptops or tablets.

Multiple Currencies

If you want to launch your application internationally, currency should not restrict you from doing so. With our app, you can enable the use of any currency.

License Source Code

We provide you with the most advanced Goejk like app source code that can be customized to your requirements whenever and however you want to.


We speak your language. Unicode is supported by most of the forms, reports and apps in your language. Meet your customers' requests quickly, by automating the business with our advanced app.

Ready-To-Launch In 7 Days

You can customize our application into a new business as soon as possible, or 3 days from now if you want.It can be integrated with any third party software application and your existing database to enhance your productivity and efficiency.

SMS Friendly/Notification

SMS integration in key modules helps you reach out to customers on basic phones. SMS can be sent in local language. details may be shared by SMS/push notification. and customer can chat also.We will also provide your business with a website.

Admin Control Panel

Access to all users & drivers real-time location and make decision quickly to earn and support users. It has helped many startups start their successful on demand multi-service, and it’s up to you to make the most of it!

View Your Staff Profile
Access PHR & Health Data
Book Appointments
Get Health Monitored
Consult via Video
Receive e-Prescriptions
Receive Mobile Notifications
Make Payments

Your Branding

Your app, for your practice. A unique mobile app that will carry your branding, logo and images, making it easy to identify and download.

Doctor Listing & Profiles
Help your patients make informed choices. Display listing of all consultants and staff members at your healthcare organization for patients to connect with. All of the information can easily be updated any time through the web back-end.

Patient Appointment Booking
A full-fledged appointment booking feature with patient and provider notifications. Your patients also get automated reminders, which is a great time saver and helps reduce no-shows. Manage the appointments through the web based appointment scheduler or doctor mobile apps ( available for free download).

Health Trackers
The app comes with 49+ trackers allowing your patients to enter precise data which goes straight into their patient health record. The health trackers include - Blood ketone, Blood sugar, HbA1c, Exercise, Food, Creatinine, Urine glucose, Blood pressure etc...

Push Notifications. SMS. Email
With your own app you can now send push notifications directly to your patients. Your patients receive push notifications for appointments, care plan reviews, blog updates and other relevant events. SMS, Email notifications are also available.

Accept Online Payments
Easily accept online payments for Appointments, Care Plans or Question services within the app.

Consumer Health Devices
Connected healthcare has arrived. Patients can share health data from the home monitoring devices through bluetooth. The application is also integrated with Google Fit and iOS HealthKit.Integrated with Consumer Health Devices Consumer Health Devices

Comprehensive Health Records
Patients have access to a comprehensive electronic health record which includes a Health Profile, Health Conditions, Medications,Allergies, Surgeries, Treatments, Procedures and Vaccinations. The application also supports 49+ health trackers related to Vital Signs, Blood, Electrolytes, Fitness and Well Being, Kidney, Lipid Profile, Liver, Lung, Skin, Symptoms and Thyroid. Enable the health-trackers that support your patient's requirements.

Upload Medical Reports
Sharing medical reports is a breeze. Medical Reports are stored securely in the cloud and we also support DICOM images.

Telehealth and Video Consultations
A white-labeled Telehealth solution built for your practice. Follow-ups get easier with Video Consultations than ever before.Patients can book a session, consult via video and receive a consultation summary directly through the app. Patients can also pay you directly through the app. Telehealth opens up a whole new revenue stream for your clinic practice.

Text Consultations
Getting the right answers was never this easy. You app will allow patients to ask questions and get second opinions, whenever they need, wherever they are. Want to charge your patients for the advice - that's possible too, all through the app.

Add-on to your Virtual Practice

While your patients connect with you through this branded app, you will be able to use your Virtual Practice (web or mobile app) to engage with them and share health data.  Contact us for more information.