Team communication in a PRIVATE SPACE

Complete, secure work environment

Separate business from personal for Business is a dedicated business space with only corresponding contacts.

Only encrypted exchanges
2048-bit End-to-End encryption for all messaging, file, photo, video transfer and audio/video streams.

No-trace communication
No data is ever saved on any servers, clouds or other repositories.

Special tech, made for conferencing
Quality conferencing is possible for an unlimited number of participants.

Create Your Own Messenger

Build your white label messaging app with features like messaging, voice/video calling, file sharing, group chat.

We design & develop  your own messenger and add your company colors, custom features, and logo to your white label messenger and publish on Google Play or the App Store. Your solution can be hosted on our cloud or on your premise or cloud.

Ready in a Short & Time to Market

Our app has been tested and used by millions of real users. Save valuable time and resources and avoid all possible risks, by choosing a tried-and-true solution for your messenger.

Just contact us and have your white label messaging app up and running on the marketplace in days time.

Fit Your APP to Your Business

Globally, there are only a handful of excellent messengers, worth your while. What we give you is the exceptional opportunity to have an equivalent, if not an exceeding top messenger of your own. Create your own messenger app & customize your solution, add features and match it to your brand.

We’ll make it look like the app was built by you, for you.


  • IN / OUT VOIP TERMINATIONS : Integrate your own or any third-party In/Out VoIP terminations.
  • VIRTUAL / DID NUMBER : Assign DID numbers to route incoming off-net calls to your existing phone.
  • HD AUDIO / VIDEO CALLS : Make HD, clean video and audio calls and never miss a word.
  • GROUPS AND SUPERGROUPS : Create group chats to keep in touch with your team and friends.
  • LOW DATA USAGE: Make up to 7 minutes calls consuming only 1MB of bandwidth.
  • FAST MESSAGING : Send and share fast messages, made possible with our technologies.
  • END-TO-END ENCRYPTION : All your calls and messages are protected with end-to-end encryption.
  • STICKER MARKET: Add your own stickers to engage users or monetize.
  • AUDIO/VIDEO CONFERENCING : Have quality video and audio conversations with multiple users or groups.
  • CHANNELS : Use a one-way broadcast stream to send news, blogs, notifications, alerts and more.
  • CHATBOTS : Integrate chatbots to stimulate interactive user conversations/support.
  • SCREEN SHARING : Collaborate with other participants by sharing your screen.

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