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Educational institutions are eager to equip their students and engineers with in-depth knowledge of 5G networks. Similarly, 5G Core Providers require a portable, lightweight network for solution validation.
Addressing the growing demand for 5G Lab Kits, we offer multiple variants of 5G Lab Kits for OEMs, App Developers, Education Institutions and 5G Core Providers: the 'OAI 5G Lab Kit' and the 'Standard 5G Lab Kit'. These Lab Kits offer a seamless, plug-and-play solution to experience the full potential of the 5G network, achieving speeds exceeding 1 Gbps.

5G Lab Kits stand as a gateway to fully harnessing the potential of 5G technology, breaking down market barriers, and igniting unmatched innovation within the industry.

5G Lab Kit equipped with most advanced 5G components

eindiabazaar presents a range of Lab Kits tailored to your specific needs. The first variant boasts an in-house developed end-to-end solution, meticulously crafted by our experts. The second variant integrates Open Air Interface (OAI) CU/DU and Core Stacks, providing a comprehensive testing environment for your 5G endeavors.


  • A Team of domain experts will setup and integrate Private 5G Lab to perform test cases and validation.
  • A Team of domain experts will assign dedicated experience resource for integration and validation for agreed time frame
  • A Team of domain experts will supply 5G Lab Kit which includes:
    • 5G Low Power Radio, 250mW)¬† Band n78 (Qty.2)
    • CU/DU Software (Qty.1)
    • 5G Core Software and Hardware, IMS not included (Qty.1)
    • Supporting Accessories (Qty.1)
    • Server Rack (Optional)
    • UEs (Optional)


5G RU (n78)

5G NR Radio Specification

  • Band N 78 (3600 to 3800)
  • Bandwidth(max): 100MHz
  • Duplex Mode: TDD
  • Modulation: QAM 256/64/16/QPSK
  • Carriers: 1
  • MIMO: 4T4R
  • RF Output Power per port: 250 mWatt /24 dBm
  • Antennas: Internal/External

Connectivity Specification

  • Physical: 10 G Base T Eth over SFP
  • Interface Protocol ORAN Split 7 2 CAT A
  • Time and Synchronization IEEE 1588v2, ITU T G.8275.1 & G.8275.2

Specification Compliance:

  • 3GPP Spec Compliance: Rel 15, Upgrading to Rel 16
  • O RAN Compliance: V2, Upgrading to V6

Power Specification:

  • Powering: PoE ++ Type 3 IEEE802.3bt
  • Maximum Power: <51 W

Environmental Specification:

  • Dimension (mm): 209mm x 186mm x 62mm
  • Weight: >2Kg
  • Operating Temperature: 5 to 40C / 40 to 55 C
  • Environmental: IP31/IP65
  • Mounting Style: Wall/Pole


Features OAI 5G Lab Kit (OAI Core and CU/DU) Standard 5G Lab Kit (E2E 5G Solution)
No. of UEs Supported Upto 32 Upto 34
No. of Cells Supported 2 2
Slot Format All Slot Format All Slot Format
Bandwidth (MHz) 100, 90, 80, 60, 50, 40, 20 100, 90, 80, 60, 50, 40, 20
Modulation 256, 64, QPSK 256, 64, QPSK
Throughput Max 400 Mbps DL, 80 Mbps UL Max 1.2 Gbps DL, 400 Mbps UL
Latency ~10ms ~8ms


Key Features:

  • Software code for SA Mode
  • Works on Split 7
  • Band sub 6 (<7.125 GHz)
  • Bandwidth: 10/20/40/60/100MHz
  • Duplex Mode: TDD
  • Modulation: QAM 256/64/16/QPSK
  • MIMO: 2T2R/4T4R
  • No. of RUs connected per DU: 3
  • No. of UEs connected per DU: 128


Key Features:

  • Software code for SA modes for sub6
  • L3 Stacks
  • No. of DUs connected per CU: 3
  • OAM Interface (NETCONF/YANG)
  • CU application / CU C application /CU U application
  • L3 Protocol Control
  • L3 Protocol User

Key Benefits:

  • Disaggregation & RAN Splits ( Support split 7.2 ( vRAN model ))
  • Platform Portability ( Support for x86 Flex RAN NPUs )
  • Frequency Range ( FR-1 ( sub-6 GHz))


Below are the features available as part of 5G CORE solutions:

  • AMF
  • UPF
  • SMF
  • AUSF
  • PCF
  • UDM

Key Benefits:

  • UPF integrated with gNB for Low latency application services
  • IOT Devices connectivity
  • Efficient resource utilization with same hardware
  • Rapid deployment of 'edge RAN + user plane' to meet business needs
  • Centralized billing and user database
  • Easy Replication of core networks in multiple locations
  • Enables voice calls and SMS between locations
  • Allows roaming between networks


Below are the BoQ of commercials for the products:

  1. One Time License Fee for RAN (RU + CU /DU), 5G CORE
  2. Private 5G Lab kit
  3. Engineering Support for Integration and Validation (2 resources)
  4. Know more

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Why you should buy this 5G Lab Kit?

  1. To build competencies and engagement in 5G technologies in students and academic fraternity.
  2. To enable projects at UG and PG level for students using 5G environment.
  3. To encourage academia-industry engagement to ideate and develop 5G use cases.
  4. To Provide local access to 5G test setup for Startups around the institution.
  5. Making academia & startup ecosystem 6G ready