Portable Car Refrigerator

5,800.00 2,999.00



Type :Car
Features :No. of Doors :- 1. Power Consumption (Watts) :- 45W. Power Supply :- DC12V. Number of Shelves and Boxes :- 1 Shelf. Dimension :- 21 x 14 x 14 cm. Additional Features :- Folding Handle Suitable for Outdoor Uses.
Color :Red


Love your beverages chilled or water cold? The portable car mini refrigerator is a single door refrigerator which can store as much as six cans of cold drinks, several fruits, juice cartons and everything else you would need in a car. This revolutionary product barely occupies any space and keeps all your items cold in the car so that you don’t have to worry about them while you are outside.



  • A must have product if you love to go on road trips or drive for several hours a day just to get to work and back.
  • A luxury you can provide your customers with if you are in the car rental business.
  • Planned a road trip with your college friends? Keep them happy by keeping their beverages cold.


Key Features:

The key features that are a highlight of the Portable Mini Refrigerator are:

  • It has a transparent door.
  • It has a folding handle suitable for outdoor uses.
  • It consumes approximately half unit in a day.
  • Its folding handle is suitable for outdoor use.
  • Its red/green light shows hot/cold status.
  • Its AC & DC cords are 1 meter long.
  • It has an adjustable shelf for cold storage of varied beverage and foodstuff.