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Whether you live in the biggest city or the most remote village, you will always have access to the country’s best doctors. With this platform, the experts are always just a video call away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Our consultation fees are much more reasonable than clinic rates. You can save up to 50% by consulting India’s top doctors through this platform. Adding the savings of NOT travelling in traffic and waiting for appointments, This platform is a deal you cannot resist!

What medicine Doctor Prescribe ?

Our Doctors mostly have allopathic doctors.However, we may connect homeopathy & Ayurveda doctors upon your request.We suggest over- the- counter (OTC) medicines and home remedies, just as your family doctor would. The same can be ordered on our platform and will be delivered at your doorstep by our medicine delivery partners.

How it is beneficial for me?

Chat with 5+Years experienced MD & MBBS certified doctors, Nutritionists, Sexual health advisor, Clinical Psychologist etc. You can also consult over voice calls,attach images of your affected area, prescription and reports.

Read health tips and remedies recommended by specialist doctors from top cities

Book Lab tests for Home Collection @ discounted prices (up to 20% off , offered in selected cities only)

Order medicines to be delivered at home @ discounted prices (upto 15% off, offered in selected cities only)

Adding the savings of NOT travelling in traffic and waiting for appointments

Can I speak with same doctor again ?

Yes. All your consultations are stored separately and can be viewed from Home screen. You can continue talking to the same doctor by selecting respective conversation on the Home screen. In case your 3-day consultation period gets over and you need to consult the same doctor again, you can do so by paying the consultation for a new session with the same doctor. They will have your chat history as well as any reports or images that you had attached earlier.

Can i use this platform for Emergencies ?

No. This platform is for primary care- the kind of problems that your family doctor can help you with. Doctors on this platform can only help you with consultation based issues that can be shared in the form of messages, pictures and medical reports. In case of a life- threatening emergency, please call an ambulance or head to a good hospital nearby your region.

What are the service Timings?

Our doctors are available 24/7. Only our specialty doctors are subjected to availability during late hours (11PM to 6:00AM). However, all times you can contact our support team under support chat section if you need further assistance.