Turn any room into your classroom with Live classes from Experts



                                                               No more travel needed to get guided learning for your study & entrance exam


  • Career orientated online study to learn fundamentals of subjects
  • Revise your concepts & clear doubts with recorded videos/online classes from experts
  • For Competitive Examinations: Olympiads| Scholarships | Defense Entrance | Medical | IIT-JEE | UPSC Exams| State Exams
  • Get the right study at the convenience of your home with Live Interactive Classes and Recorded Video Lectures


Experience faculty adds its experience and value to student’s learning constantly with advanced teaching techniques and quick doubt clarification. They also work as mentors to help students enhance their skills and perform better in the entrance exam.


Well-curated study material in the form of live classes/recorded lectures, e-books, printed study material and tests ensures that students cover every topic. Experienced instructors strive hard for extensive coverage of all online courses listed below.


With regular practice tests and online exam/assignments, you can now analyse your performance and review your progress among thousands of students. Comprehensive performance & progress reports further help you prepare better for board and competitive exams.

Live Interactive Classes

Our Digital e-learning platform brings home the same discipline and rigour of classroom with Live Interactive Classes. Students can now attend  online classes at the convenience of their homes.

Time Saving

By getting the same quality of education at home, students can save a lot of time wasted on daily commute and can utilize the same for preparation and revision of CBSE/ICSE/ISC STANDARDS Foundation course syllabus.

Variety of Tests

Our online Practice Test & Assignments helps you regularly practice, analyse and improve your performance.Hence Join us for Daily Practice Tests, Mock Tests, and Solving Previous Year Papers.

How does it work?

We use digital technology to provide a rigorous, interactive curriculum and high-quality educational experiences that give students an opportunity to succeed.

How is it different from a traditional school?

  • Students receive an individually tailored education and one-to-one support.
  • Classes do not take place in a building but rather at home, on the road, or wherever there’s an internet connection.

Who should consider online education?

It works for families who want well-rounded, academically successful children. Our students are excited to learn.We  provide a personalized education experience for students. Each student has a Learning Coach/Guru/Instructor/Expert from here. We help keep the student on track with their academic records.

Do online students have access to teachers and materials?

Absolutely. Students who attend online education at home can expect:

  • Instruction and support from state-certified teachers who are specially trained to teach online
  • An Individualized Learning Plan & High-quality curriculum
  • Study materials delivered to their doorstep, including textbooks, workbooks, and hands-on materials.

Who Attends Online Education?

There are many types of students who thrive with public school at home:

  • Advanced learners looking for an academic challenge
  • College-bound students interested in getting a head start on their college education
  • Career-minded students wanting to explore in-demand careers
  • NRI students who are living abroad but willing to appear in any competitive examinations in India
  • Military family students who are seeking consistency in their education despite frequent moves
  • Athletes, musicians, and others who are pursuing their dreams while in school
  • Students who are homebound or undergoing medical treatments and want to continue with their public-school education
  • Students needing more support academically
  • Students whose parents want to be more involved in their child’s schooling

How Do I Get Started?

  • Enroll with us to learn more.

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