AC/DC Hybrid Solar Powered Air Conditioner Concealed Duct Type with WIFI or 3G/4G function

AC/DC Hybrid Solar Powered Air Conditioner Concealed Duct Type with WIFI or 3G/4G function

AC/DC Solar Air Conditioner Concealed Duct Type with 20 cm super thin design, multi vane and super-long refrigerant pipe design. The splendid quiet processing technology. The large-diameter quiet line flow fan, low-noise operation as low as 26Db. The sound is more slightly than leaf swings at night. Keep a constant temperature while you are asleep. Strong dehumidification to keep the room dry and avoid the trouble of intermittent drizzle in the rainy season.

1.AC/DC dual power supply
2.Capacity from 9000btu to 36000btu, 50Hz/60Hz
3.Max. about 95% energy saving
4.Solar power is always priority
5.Suitable for all climate condition(T3 type is available)
6. Suitable for Home, Office, Factories, Schools, etc.
7. Easy installation

The AC/DC hybrid solar air conditioner is maximum about 95% energy saving during sunlight peak hours. Using solar power as priority, supply directly to compressor and indoor & outdoor fan motor. When the solar power is not sufficient, the grid power will give the power supplement, When there is no solar power, if you choose the day package, then the air conditioner will run by grid power ; if you choose the night package, then the air conditioner will run by the batteries which have been charged during daytime.


Q: What is the suitable room size?
A: It depends on the weather and ambient temperature, but you may refer as below
ACDC09 9000btu up to 18 sq.m
ACDC12 12000btu up to 23 sq.m
ACDC18 18000btu up to 35 sq.m
ACDC24 24000btu up to 47 sq.m

Q: Do you have other kind of air conditioner?
A: Yes, we have 100% DC 48V solar power air conditioner and 60% energy saving hybrid solar air conditioner. Please check with our sales.

Q: How many solar panels do I need to run your ACDC unit?
A: Minimum 2 pieces, the ACDC input power is 50v to 300v.
ACDC09——solar PV panel 300W*2PCS
ACDC12—–solar PV panel 300W*3PCS
ACDC18—–solar PV panel 300W*4PCS
ACDC24—–solar PV panel 300W*5PCS

Q: Is it easy to install solar air conditioner?
A: The air conditioner directly connects solar PV panel to AC unit by MC4 solar connectors ,others like normal split air conditioners.

Q: Can I order air conditioner only? 
A: Yes, it is optional, you can buy solar kits by yourself.


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