240 KVA To 320 KVA DG Set

Product Description

240 KVA To 320 KVA  DG Set  Internal Combustion (IC) Diesel Engine conforming to BS5514 Standards CPCB Emission Norms, Standard Design, Inline, 4 Stroke, Direct Injection type, Liquid Cooled Turbocharged After-cooled engine rated at 1500 RPM, 24 VOLTS DC Electric Start type.

Fuel System:

  • Unit injectors with fuel lift pump
  • Fuel injection pump
  • Electronic Governor integrated into EMS (Engine Management System)
  • Full flow fuel filter/s


Cooling System:

  • Radiator with a set of hose pipes
  • Coolant circulating pump
  • Pusher type fan
  • Thermostat
  • Crankshaft pulley for the fan belt
  • Set of fan belts


Lubrication System:

  • Wet sump with filler and dipstick
  • Full flow spin-on lube oil filter/s
  • Gear driven lube oil pump with strainer


Air System:

  • Air Inlet manifold

Fly Wheel & Housing:

  • Flywheel SAE 14
  • Flywheel housing SAE 1
  • Starter Ring Gear

Exhaust System:

  • Exhaust manifold
  • Flexible steel exhaust Bellow
  • Residential Silencer
  • Exhaust driven turbocharger
  • EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation system)


Electrical System – 24 Volt DC:

  • 24 Volts Starter Motor and 24 Volts Battery charging alternator with integral regulator for DC output
  • 24 Volts high coolant temperature trip switch
  • 24 Volts low lube oil pressure trip switch
  • 24 Volts fuel shut off solenoid integrated into EMS
  • Starter Push on GSU
  • Air filter assembly with dry type filter element


  • Synchronous Alternator suitable for close coupling with engine, rated for 3 Phase supply at 415 V, 50 Hz, 0.8 Pf (lag) @ 1500 RPM with ±0.5% voltage regulation, Class H insulation conforming to IS 13364 / IS 4722 / BS 4999-5000 standards, Self excited, self regulated, screen protected and drip proof enclosure of IP 23.


It is made out of CRCA steel sheet fabricated with the following features:

  • Design to meet CPCB norms of 75 dB (A) at 1 Mtr. Distance in free field condition as per the testing procedure of ISO: 8528 (Part 10) – 1998.
  • It is made on sophisticated/special purpose CNC machines for consistency in quality and workmanship.
  • Powder coated with superior finish with UV resistant powder coating.
  • Insulation materials used are the best in the industry for better sound attenuation.


PRP – Prime power:

  • For continuous operation at varying load. Max mean load factor of 70% of rated power over 24 hours of operation. 1 hour /12 hours period of accumulated peak overload to 110%.

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